Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 32: New Orleans, LA

Well, we made it.  Today we are in New Orleans, which is our last overnight stop.  Its bittersweet for sure!  We celebrated our last night together in style!  After getting ready at the hotel, we trekked down to Bourbon Street.  The Bourbon Cowboy always does a great job setting up a private party for us so that we can enjoy our selves as well as experience Bourbon Street.  We had Cajun food, entertainment and fun!  We celebrate 32 long but wonderful days together.  We embrace our new friends and look forward to a lifetime or memories!

Day 30 - 31: San Antonio, Texas

In the wee hours of Sunday morning we loaded and rolled out for San Antonio.  This is a rather long drive but totally worth it because San Antonio is a great place to spread out and visit.  We didn't get there until later in the Day on Sunday so we gave everyone free time and allowed them to check out the river walk and find dinner.

The next morning, we met in the lobby and went to see the IMAX:  The Alamo, The Price of Freedom.  It's actually a pretty good film and it's not too long so everyone seemed to enjoy it.  After we left the Imax we walked them over to the Alamo and we went through it together.  Its a very pretty place.  After we left the IMAX everyone was given their last chance for freetime to spend together with their friends.  They made the most of it, eating lunch and dinner on the Riverwalk and enjoying the shops around the area!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 29: The Desert Museum, Tucson

Today we loaded up the bus and headed out into the Senora Desert!  We have seen a lot of dry, hot places but today is our opportunity to really see a dessert and all the cacti.  It really is a neat sight when you think about it.  Especially, when you don't see it everyday.

After touring the Desert museum, we headed back to the resort where we continued enjoying its amenities.  We played tennis, swan, sun bathed, and just relaxed.  What fun!